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Update Data-Driven Personas Book for Ting, the researcher

For our forthcoming book, “Data-Driven Personas”, one of the personas that we are designing the book’s content for is the marketing researcher, Ting.

Data-Driven Personas, part of the Morgan Claypool Synthesis Lectures on Human-Centered Informatics
Data-Driven Personas, part of the Morgan Claypool Synthesis Lectures on Human-Centered Informatics

We are keeping Ting, the marketing researcher, in mind while designing the book.

  1. There is a chapter with 12 actionable use cases for data-driven personas, along with four appendices geared to implementing data-driven personas. Several of these use cases focus on segmentation and marketing
  2. The ~200 page book is organized into 10 coherent chapters, including at least three chapters that make the link between data-driven personas and analytics.
  3. Each chapter is sprinkled with research insights and ties of data-driven personas to commercial setting. The final chapter outlines the grand challenges of persona analytics, which are fantastic research topics.

Coming soon in early 2021!

Data-Driven Personas by Bernard J. Jansen, Joni O. Salminen, Kathleen Guan, and Soon-Gyo Jung Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) and University College London. Synthesis Lectures on Human-Centered Informatics. Morgan & Claypool Publishers

Jansen, B. J., Salminen, J., and Jung, S.G. (2020) Data-Driven Personas for Enhanced User Understanding: Combining Empathy with Rationality for Better Insights to AnalyticsData and Information Management. 4(1), 1-17.

By Jim Jansen

Dr. Jansen is a Principal Scientist in the social computing group of the Qatar Computing Research Institute, and a professor with the College of Science and Engineering, Hamad bin Khalifa University, and an adjunct professor with the College of Information Sciences and Technology at The Pennsylvania State University. He is a graduate of West Point and has a Ph.D. in computer science from Texas A&M University, along with master degrees from Texas A&M (computer science) and Troy State (international relations). Dr. Jim Jansen served in the U.S. Army as an Infantry enlisted soldier and communication commissioned officer.