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CHI 2020 Best Papers & Honourable Mention for Persona Research

chi2002 paper award with three co-authors

Congrats to the APG Team for a CHI 2020 Best Paper & Honourable Mention research paper award!

The SIGCHI “Best of CHI” awards honour exceptional submissions to SIGCHI sponsored conferences. 125 papers received Honourable Mention (top 5% of submissions) of more than 3,000 submissions.

The research article from the APG team is: Personas and Analytics: A Comparative User Study of Efficiency and Effectiveness for a User Identification Task by Joni Salminen, Soon-Gyo Jung, Shammur Chowdhury, Sercan Şengün & Bernard J. Jansen


A Large Collection of Persona Research Articles


We have compiled a large Zotero collection of persona research titled “Persona Research (APG team)“.

This collection contains 327 items, topics consisting of persona user studies, persona creation methods, quantitative persona creation (and related method papers), conceptual persona papers, and empirical persona research.

You can apply for access here: