Human-Computer Interaction design technique

Gender-Inclusive HCI

What is Gender and Inclusive HCI Design? User-Sensitive Inclusive Design is a concept that embraces designing for marginalized groups of people and considering different types of users. This includes considering users’ gender while designing or evaluating software, websites, or other digital technology. Empirical research has shown gender differences in software and other digital technology use. […]

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The book, Data-Driven Personas

Our book on “Data-Driven Personas” is now available. Authored by Dr. Jim Jansen, Joni Salminen, Soon-gyo Jung of QCRI & Kathleen Guan of UCL You can get your copy of the book via Morgan & Claypool Publishers Or through Amazon Data-Driven Personas Jansen, B. J., Salminen, J., Jung, S.G., and Guan, K. (2021). Data-Driven Personas. Synthesis Lectures on Human-Centered Informatics,1 Carroll, J.

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