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Update Data-Driven Personas Book for Ting, the researcher

For our forthcoming book, “Data-Driven Personas”, one of the personas that we are designing the book’s content for is the marketing researcher, Ting.

Data-Driven Personas, part of the Morgan Claypool Synthesis Lectures on Human-Centered Informatics
Data-Driven Personas, part of the Morgan Claypool Synthesis Lectures on Human-Centered Informatics
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User Personas and Facebook Ad Campaigns

This is a joint article with our team and Alina Zahid from Storyteller’s Saga.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of every business. However, with the constant change in trends and with the steadfast competition, it can become strenuous to devise a strategy that does that for you.

Of course, you can delve into reports to track the data and insights. However, none of that will truly help if you do not begin with the first step of understanding who your customer is.

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The Definitive Guide to Personas

This goal of this comprehensive guide is to go through “all you need to know” about personas. This includes addressing the following questions: (1) What is a persona? (2) Why should I use personas? (3) Who should use personas? (4) How should I use personas?

We consider different job roles when giving examples, including those of Sales Vice President (with the goal: Drive more sales), Marketing Executive (Goal: Optimize your marketing spend), Product Development Manager (Goal: Enhance product development efforts), and Content Creator (Goal: Create more appealing content), and discuss how personas can help with the goals of these job roles.

Without further ado, let us get started…

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Ecommerce Personas: Creating personas for ecommerce

Why should you develop ecommerce personas?

The main reason is that not everyone in your market reach might be your potential customers. Because of this, ecommerce personas can help reach your actual potential customers!

So, before you step out with your marketing plans and campaigns, it is important to identify the target customer group you are trying to reach – these are usually your most high-valued customers or customers that you want to reach with a new product.

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How to use a persona? 13 persona use cases listed

In this post, we list some of the many ways to use a persona. This list considers mostly business cases for personas.

  1. Brand Discovery: Uncover how your core customers feel about your product or service and how they rationalize the purchase decision.
  2. Channel and Offering Alignment: Align every piece of offerings and marketing activity to a persona and purchase stage, identifying new channels and needs where opportunities exist.
  3. Communication: Personas are also great for communication among team members and across departments. Personas are GREAT for meetings! They keep folks focused on the BIG picture.
  4. Content Creators: Content creators can leverage personas for the delivery of content that will be most relevant and useful to their audience. When planning for content, we might ask “Would Bridget understand this?” or “Would Bridget be attracted by this?”
  5. Executives: can keep personas in mind while making strategic decisions. In fact, a persona can become a “silent member in the boardroom”.
  6. Experimentation and Optimization: Carry out well-thought experiments to produce statistically significant business insights and apply the results to optimize performance.
  7. Journey Mapping: Plot the stages and paths of the persona lifecycle, documenting each persona’s unique state of mind, needs, and concerns at each stage
  8. Marketing: When you understand where your core customers spend their time online, you are able to focus your marketing spend on these channels.
  9. Persona Discovery: Document the individuals involved in the purchase process in a way that allows decision makers to empathize with them in a consistent way.
  10. Product Managers: can use the information to design a product that meets the needs or desires of core customers, and marketing can use personas to craft messages that resonate.
  11. Product Offerings: Personas can be extremely helpful in product development. With the help of personas, you can more easily build the features that suit your customers’ needs. Forrester Research reports a 20% productivity improvement with teams that use personas.
  12. Reporting and Feedback: Report and review data and insights to drive strategic decisions, as well as provide information to the organization as a whole.
  13. Sales: Targeted offerings can help you convert more potential customers to subscribers, followers, and customers. You can also use persona description to tailor lead generation which is likely to improve your lead quality and satisfaction.

More articles on persona use cases

Jansen, B. J., Salminen, J., and Jung, S.G. (2020) Data-Driven Personas for Enhanced User Understanding: Combining Empathy with Rationality for Better Insights to AnalyticsData and Information Management. 4(1), 1-17.

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How to Create Personas? Typical Methods for Creating Buyer Personas

What are personas?

If you’re trying to sell your product or services and you’re having difficulty in attracting your customers, then creating buyer personas can be useful.

A persona is simply an imaginary representation of your customers whom you want to reach out.

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How to Create Personas? A List of Common Interview Questions

Creating Personas from Data

At Qatar Computing Research Institute, our persona team has developed a system for automatic persona generation (APG). The demo of this persona system is available online, and we have also posted about the various benefits of data-driven personas.

As a part of our persona research, we are interested in the information needs of persona end users. This means that professionals working in different domains want to have specific information in persona profiles.  For example, journalists want to know what type of news topics the persona consumes, while online marketers want to know what products the personas is likely to buy.