Joni Salminen

Dr. Joni Salminen works as a Scientist at Qatar Computing Research Institute, Hamad Bin Khalifa University, and as a Postdoctoral Researcher at Turku School of Economics, University of Turku. His research interests are heavily focused on personas, including topics such as automatic persona generation from social media data (YouTube, Facebook, Google Analytics), persona perceptions, biases in data-driven personas, optimal number of personas, etc.

Measuring personas or persona sets?

Research has focused on measuring persona perceptions, i.e., what users think of personas they are shown. These efforts can focus on individual personas, i.e., we show a persona or two to the user and ask their opinions about the persona’s usefulness, completeness, credibility, and so (see the Persona Perception Scale). However, persona sets (i.e., groups …

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User Tasks for Empirical Persona Research

When planning persona studies and experiments, one challenging aspect is task creation. In other words, what do we ask the participants to do with the personas? I’m writing this post to provide some answers to this perennial question of persona task design.

What’s Wrong with Personas? A Rebuttal to a Fair Question!

Anna Holopainen asked this question on LinkedIn: What’s wrong with most buyer personas? Aka my favorite pet peeve 👇 She also provided an answer straight away, listing the following points. In the following, Anna’s points are shown in bold text, followed by my response in unbolded text. I found these points very fruitful for a …

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The two definitions of personas

People sometimes struggle to understand what we mean by personas. This is because there are two alternative definitions to personas. This blog posts explains each of these definitions.