Data-Driven Personas

Using the book Data-Driven Personas for Teaching

Hi, Professor! Planning your HCI, design, UX, advertising, content creation, marketing, or related course for the upcoming semester? Consider using the book Data-Driven Personas in your course. There are MANY advantages to using this book for your course!

Three Data Types for Personas

The Basics of Data-Driven Personas Data-driven personas can be generated from almost any data. Essentially, the generation consists of two steps: (1) pattern seeking, and (2) enrichment.

Tactical Personas (i.e., “I have personas, now what?”)

We often get questions from prospective clients about how to use personas. Like, “okay, after I have these personas, then what? How can I use them?“. I have two standard responses for this: Persona analytics is just like any analytics. If you want to understand your customers, there must be some reason for that. What …

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