Data-Driven Personas

Nine Things People Get Wrong About Personas

Without further ado, here are nine things that people often get wrong about personas (based on our experience): Personas are not based on real data. WRONG! This misconception stems from the era when personas were predominantly created based on interviews. The thing is, interviews are also real data. But, nonetheless, the argument was that since …

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Using the book Data-Driven Personas for Teaching

Hi, Professor! Planning your HCI, design, UX, advertising, content creation, marketing, or related course for the upcoming semester? Consider using the book Data-Driven Personas in your course. There are MANY advantages to using this book for your course!

Three Data Types for Personas

The Basics of Data-Driven Personas Data-driven personas can be generated from almost any data. Essentially, the generation consists of two steps: (1) pattern seeking, and (2) enrichment. The first part – pattern seeking – means that we need to identify some regularities (i.e., patterns) from the dataset. This is typically done using dimensionality reduction, e.g., …

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Tactical Personas (i.e., “I have personas, now what?”)

We often get questions from prospective clients about how to use personas. Like, “okay, after I have these personas, then what? How can I use them?“. I have two standard responses for this: Persona analytics is just like any analytics. If you want to understand your customers, there must be some reason for that. What …

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