What do you get in an APG persona profile?

APG is a data-intensive system that automatically creates rich personas representing customer segments by employing web/social media analytics.

APG uses this analytics data to identify customer behaviors, generates customer segments, and then enriches these customer segments with gender, age, and nationality appropriate names and pictures; customer loyalty rating, customer interests, product interactions, brand sentiment, and segment sizes represented by the personas, … all done in a privacy-preserving process using only aggregated data.

We sometimes hear two myths about about data-driven personas.

  • Myth One: Data-driven personas are not as rich as those created by non-algorithmic methods.
  • Myth Two: Data-driven personas do not represent the underlying analytic numbers.

Let’s put both these myths to bed now!

Here is what you get in a data-driven persona profile created by APG!

APG Data-Driven Persona Profile
APG Data-Driven Persona Profile
  1. Name – a chronological gender, age, and country appropriate name
  2. Photo – a chronological gender, age, and country appropriate photo
  3. Description – a short description of the persona including online habits
  4. Job – the persona’s most likely job
  5. Education Level – the persona’s most likely educational level
  6. Relationship Status – the persona’s most likely relationship status
  7. Audience Size – the customer segment size that the persona is representing
  8. Gender – the persona’s most likely gender
  9. Age – the persona’s most likely age
  10. Nationality – the persona’s most likely nationality
  11. Loyalty Rating – a three-level rating of the persona’s loyalty to the business
  12. Sentiment Analysis – the persona’s sentiment toward social media content from the business
  13. Social Media Conversations – the social media conversations that the persona has engaged in or viewed
  14. Filter of social media conversations by topic, sentiment, or similarity – filtering of the persona’s social media conversations
  15. Hate filter – a filter to see the personas ‘nice’/’not so nice’ comments
  16. Refresh social media conversations – a refresh option for new social media conversations that the persona has engaged in or viewed
  17. Interests – the persona’s interests as expressed via online engagement
  18. Engagement – the online content, products, or services from the business that the persona has engaged with
  19. Timeline – a chronological graph of the persona’s engagement with the company since the first data collection
  20. Print the profile – ability to print the persona profile

Rich! Representative! Responsive!

Better personas! Better decisions! Better results!

APG is data-intensive! APG is fast!

Want to read more about APG?

Jung, S., An, J., Kwak, H., Ahmad, M., Nielsen, L., and Jansen, B. J.  (2017) Persona Generation from Aggregated Social Media Data. ACM Conference Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2017 (CHI2017). Denver, Colorado. p. 1748-1755. 6-11 May.

Contact me to get going w/APG!

Dr. Jim Jansen, email: bjansen@hbku.edu.qa


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