Automatic Persona Generation

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APG has been developed at the Qatar Computing Research Institute by a team led by Dr. Jim Jansen. Other team members are Joni Salminen (research & marketing) and Soon-gyo Jung (software development). APG is based on more than three years of extensive research.

We are three researchers that have been working since 2016 to develop the best data-driven persona system that the world has seen. This system is called Automatic Persona Generation (APG). APG is a tool for turning your data into personas. It works currently with YouTube Analytics, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and Facebook Insights (if you have enough video content). The system pulls data from these sources and automatically generates user personas that represent your most engaged audience segments.

The benefits of APG are:

  • our data-driven personas are created within minutes
  • our data-driven personas are updated automatically every month
  • the persona system is free of charge (NOTE: there are only *a limited number of seats* available in exchange for data for research)

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