APG: Creating Personas FAST!

APG is a data-intensive system that rapidly creates rich personas representing customer segments by employing web/social media / online analytics.

Here is an example of an APG persona.

Example of an APG Persona
Example of an APG Persona – from numbers to persona in hours! Or less!


APG uses this online analytics data to identify customer behaviors, generates customer segments, and then enriches these customer segments with gender, age, and nationality appropriate names and pictures; customer loyalty rating, customer interests, product interactions, brand sentiment, and segment sizes rapidly creating accurate and rich personas, … all done in a privacy-preserving process using only aggregated data.

So, APG is an exceptionally rapid data-intensive system!

How fast?

How fast can APG create personas?

Here are benchmarks that we ran for a business with
24K products, 6.6M customers, and 156M customer engagement metrics.

APG can create accurate rich personas from this data in ~3 hours!

How responsive?

Interested in engaging APG but wondering about response times?

Using the business numbers of our largest client (tens of thousands of products, millions of customers, tens of millions of engagement metrics and nearly four years of historical data) with a stable network, here are the response times for some of the major APG features using the average over 10 runs.

  • 372 ms to generate a listing of your personas
  • 1.268 s to display a single persona profile
  • 360 ms to calculate the number of customers represented
  • 181 ms to display what countries your personas are from
  • 568 ms to compare one persona with another persona
  • 2.77 s to display the products each personas interacts with
  • 9.66 s to display chronology of your personas over time *
    * four years of personas with interests by month
  • 791.1 ms to predict if a product will resonate with your personas
  • 342.2 ms to see what are your persona’s social media conversations
  • 34.9 ms to filter your personas by characteristics

Many of these features are only available in a full stack system such as APG: data to metrics to personas!

APG is about “Data-intensive, Data-driven personas. Created Accurate, Created Fast.”.

We believe that better personas lead to better decisions, and better decisions lead to better results.

Want to read more about APG?

Read about our research

Jung, S., An, J., Kwak, H., Ahmad, M., Nielsen, L., and Jansen, B. J.  (2017) Persona Generation from Aggregated Social Media Data. ACM Conference Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2017 (CHI2017). Denver, Colorado. p. 1748-1755. 6-11 May.

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