How APG Assigns a Name to a Data-Driven Persona

The following is a post from the APG Team’s summer 2020 intern, Jaad Mohammed.

If you ever thought how the APG system assigns a name to a data-driven persona, you’ve come to the right place.

Since personas are representations of a typical user segment for a product’s current customer base, the persona needs a name! Nothing could make a persona feel more like a real person than giving it a name.

Below, we walk you through basics of what APG does to create a persona and to assign a name to the persona profile.

First and foremost, we need some kind of statistical data that our persona represents. For this, APG leverages privacy-preserving aggregated data of user interactions with product content posted on major online social media and other analytics platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Google Analytics, etc. [1].

Now with this data APG implements a sequential approach to automatically generate personas that consists:

  • Identifying the distinct user interaction patterns from the data set,
  • Linking these distinct user interaction patterns to the set of user demographic groups,
  • Identifying impactful user demographic groups from the data set,
  • Creating shell personas via demographic attributes, and
  • Enriching these shell personas to create detailed persona descriptions.
APG persona creation flowchart
APG persona creation flowchart

To get a more detailed understanding of our process, you can head over to [2]

Now that we have gathered the bases for the creation of persona (i.e., base persona), we can add personality to it by giving it a name.

We have built a dictionary of names by collecting popular names by gender and year of countries.  For example, the top 1,000 popular baby names any year since 1879 ( is available for the US. Then, through age group, gender, and location of a representative group, we can assign a temporal, gender, and ethnically appropriate name to a persona.

For example, for a 25-year-old female from India, APG can access common baby names for Indian females born twenty-five years ago and use that information for naming the persona.

APG is automatically this whole name assignment process even further!


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