Persona Creation

How to create a persona?

There are many persona development methodologies. Yer, persona creation tends to involve five general steps, which are: Identify: Categorize the population of customers, users, or audience members Collect: Gather data about the identified populations specifically concerning behaviors (or goals, pain points, etc.) and demographics. (Data can be gathered through persona interviews or automatically.) Segment: Group …

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Introduction to Data-Driven Personas

Introduction to Data-Driven Personas Automatic Persona Generation (APG) is a system developed by the persona research team at Qatar Computing Research Institute. APG is defined both as a methodology and a system for automatic creation of personas from online analytics data. Automatic Persona Generation has specifically been developed to address the limitations of manual persona …

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How to Create Personas? A List of Common Interview Questions

Creating Personas from Data At Qatar Computing Research Institute, our persona team has developed a system for automatic persona generation (APG). The demo of this persona system is available online, and we have also posted about the various benefits of data-driven personas. As a part of our persona research, we are interested in the information …

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