How to create a persona?

There are many persona development methodologies. Yer, persona creation tends to involve five general steps, which are:

  • Identify: Categorize the population of customers, users, or audience members
  • Collect: Gather data about the identified populations specifically concerning behaviors (or goals, pain points, etc.) and demographics. (Data can be gathered through persona interviews or automatically.)
  • Segment: Group the population into unique segments based on unique behaviors, goals, pain points, etc.
  • Generate: Produce identifiable complete segments with combined behavioral and demographic data
  • Enrich: Augment each complete segment with individual characteristics, such as photo, name, etc. to create a complete persona profile for each segment. The set of persona profiles that represents the population is the end product of the process.

Read our persona research for more in-depth knowledge on persona development. 

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