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Pain Points and Personas

In this article, I share insights into what are pain points and how can personas — and more specifically the Automatic Persona Generation (APG) system that was built by our team help identify customer pain points. 

Expressing customers with pain points as customer personas can contribute to developing better products and services, ultimately leading to a delightful UX for the end-user.

Identifying customer pain points is crucial for a good UX (Source: Unsplash)

What is a pain point? 

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The What, Why, and How of Influencers and Personas!

If you are a marketer who has grown tired of routinely targeted marketing messages or if you are simply looking for a way to boost your brand awareness and try something new for your marketing strategy, then read on! Influencers may be for you! 

If you are an influencer or want to be one, then this article is also for you! 

A tech-savvy social media influencer at work Source: Unsplash

Automatic Persona Generation Benefits of Personas Data-Driven Personas Persona Analytics Persona Creation Persona System Use of Personas Value of personas

Introduction to Data-Driven Personas

Introduction to Data-Driven Personas

Automatic Persona Generation (APG) is a system developed by the persona research team at Qatar Computing Research Institute. APG is defined both as a methodology and a system for automatic creation of personas from online analytics data.

Automatic Persona Generation has specifically been developed to address the limitations of manual persona creation. This blog post details the main benefits of data-driven personas compared to manually created personas.

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How are Personas Used in Real Organizations?

What are Personas and Why Use Them?

Personas are fictional characters or ‘profiles’ that portray a certain type of customer or user.

The development of a persona should go beyond just providing background information on the organization’s ideal customers. The persona profile should also include other features, such as current behaviors the persona exihibits as well as goals and expectations. A detailed persona can help identify the right target audience, but more importantly, it forces the consideration of the user in the design and implementation of a product.

Benefits of Personas Persona Analytics Personas Use of Personas Value of personas

Usefulness of Personas in Age of Digital Analytics

In this post, I’m exploring the usefulness of personas in the era of digital analytics. At Qatar Computing Research Institute, we have developed a system for automatic persona generation (APG) – see the demo. Under the leadership of Professor Jim Jansen, we’re constantly working to position this persona system at the intersection of customer profiles, personas, and online analytics.

Benefits of Personas Persona System Personas Use of Personas Value of personas

How to Use Personas? Listing Typical Persona Use Cases

Introduction to Persona Use Cases

Personas are imaginary people representing the core audience or customers of a company or organization. Personas were introduced into software development and marketing in the 1990s. Personas capture and describe key elements of customer segments so that decision makers could better understand their users or customers, not only by using numbers but also by referring to qualitative user attributes, such as key pain points and desires, needs and wants.