Persona Creator: Make data-driven personas quickly with APG

Persona Creator: Make data-driven personas quickly with APG

With increasing access to analytics data, personas are more and more generated from online user statistics using big data and algorithmic approaches. This integration offers new opportunities to shift personas from flat files of data presentation to that of interactive interfaces for analytics systems.

This transition towards the concept of “persona as interface” to a persona analytics system is what Automatic Persona Generation (APG) is all about!

In pushing advancements of both persona and analytics conceptualization, development, and use, the APG system presents a multi-layered “full-stack” integration for creating your data-driven personas! APG is a persona creator!

APG affords three levels of user data presentation, which are:

  • the conceptual persona,
  • the analytical user metrics, and
  • the foundational user data.

As a persona creator, APG generates a set of persona profiles representing the user population segments, with each segment having a complete persona profile. Data-driven personas, relying on regular data collection intervals, can enrich the traditional persona profile with additional elements such as:

  • user loyalty,
  • sentiment analysis, and
  • topics of interest,

which are features requested by the stakeholders.

For persona creation, the APG personas are displayed to stakeholders (i.e., the people from the organization whose data is used for the persona generation) via the interactive online system running on Flask, an open-source Python web framework. As such, APG is a fully functional system deployed with real client organizations, with a demo available online offers the benefits of both personas and analytics systems and addresses some of the shortcomings of each.

Overall, the capabilities and conceptual enhancement of the personas as an interface to full-stack analytics systems presents much promise for employing data-driven persona, for the leveraging of user information, and impacting decision making in organizations.

What more? Read this article:

Jansen, B. J., Jung, S.G., and Salminen, J. (2020) From Flat File to Interface: Conceptual Synthesis of Personas and Analytics for Enhanced User Understanding. 83rd Annual Meeting of the Association for Information Science and Technology. Pittsburgh, PA, USA, 23-28 October. 1-11.

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