How APG Assigns the Marital Status of a Data-Driven Persona

The following is a post from the APG Team’s summer 2020 intern, Jaad Mohammed.

Here we talk about how the APG system enriches a data-driven persona by adding personality attributes to the persona profile, like marital status.

After APG creates a base persona for a set of user data by following its unique sequential method [1]:

  • Identifying distinct user interaction patterns from the data,
  • Linking these distinct user interaction patterns to user demographic groups,
  • Identifying impactful user demographic groups from the data,
  • Creating base personas via demographic attributes, and
  • Enriching these base personas to create rich personas description.

The above method is explained in detail when we talk about how the systems finds picture & age of a persona.

Now that we have a base persona.

How APG decides the Marital Status of a Data-Driven Persona
How APG decides the Marital Status of a Data-Driven Persona

The system queries a Facebook Application Program Interface (API) to collect information like related demographics such as the personas marital status by feeding the API details of the base personas interests and demographics data.

These are the steps taken by APG to add an Education Level to a Persona Profile.


Jung, S. G., Salminen, J., and Jansen, B. J. (2020) Giving Faces to Data: Creating Data-Driven Personas from Personified Big Data. In Proceedings of Intelligent User Interfaces (ACM IUI2020). 17-20 March. Cagliari, Italy.

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