APG Wins Qatar Foundation Innovation of the Year 2020 Award !!!


APG Wins Innovation of the Year 2020APG Wins Innovation of the Year 2020

The Qatar Foundation EMPOWERING INNOVATION 2020 Virtual Awards Ceremony and Innovation Showcase was held (virtually) 14-15 October in Doha, Qatar. As mentioned by Dr. Richard O’ Kennedy, VP QF RDI, “Innovation is an absolute necessity in achieving national and global sustainability developmental goals. It is vital for modern societies to function efficiently and to address today’s complex challenges ….”

We are pleased to announce that the APG Project earned The Innovation of the Year Award 2020!

Thanks go out to out the GREAT local Qatar-based stakeholders and collaborators — Al Jazeera English, Al Jazeera Arabic, AJ+, AJ+ Arabic, AJ+ Español, AJ+ Français, Qatar Airways, and the Qatar Foundation. It is YOUR collaboration that made this project possible!

If your organization is interested in working with the APG Team on cutting edge research, please reach out to us by contacting the project leader, Jim Jansen at jjansen@acm.org.

The Innovation of the Year Award  goes to the team that developed an invention or creative work that was licensed out exclusively for commercialization purposes between 1 January 2018 to 30 June 2020.
For QF RDI, licensing QF IP to existing or start-up companies, is the hoped-for goal. That is because it is only in commercial implementation that society is positively impacted. For the winning invention or creative work to be successful, it had to meet certain
standards, namely, having IP protection in place, being geared towards and applicable as a product or service, having some disruptive aspect, and creating impact for Qatar.

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