In Theory, Personas Work. In Practice, Their Application is Challenging.

This post is co-authored with Imene Belabbas, a persona enthusiast who is conducting her thesis research on personas.


The post aligns some theories about the use of Personas in design process, and how personas should be. The insights are based on the research published by Chang and colleagues:

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Theory of Personas: What Has Been Written About the Psychological Relationship Between Personas and Their Users?

In this blog post, the APG team and Kathleen Guan join to summarize some key aspects in the theory of “why personas work,” grounded in notions from social psychology. Enjoy reading!

Introduction to Theory of Personas

How do people form a connection with personas? What information plays a role? When does connecting take place? When not? These are some of the questions that the theory of personas deals with — essentially, the theory of personas explains why personas work.