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Job candidate personas for human resources (HR personas)

In this competitive market, finding the right candidate can be a complex and time-consuming process for a business.

To reduce such complexity, human resources (HR) professional employ the method of profiling candidate personas.

Job candidate personas can play an important role in choosing the right or ideal candidate for a specific job position. Data-driven personas can make it even easier to shortlist a candidate.

Job candidate personas Enhance the hiring process.
Job candidate personas enhance the hiring process.

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The Most Comprehensive List of Persona Interview Questions on the Web


We wanted to build the biggest list of interview questions for persona creation. This list should (a) be built from as many questions as possible to cover all aspects of persona profile creation, (b) contain no duplicates, and (c) have the questions sorted in meaningful themes so that they are easier to interpret and use for actual persona interviews.


We came up with the following steps to achieve the above goal:

  1. Search as many lists of persona interview questions as possible using Google
  2. Scrape the questions from each list
  3. Collect them in one spreadsheet
  4. Remove duplicate questions
  5. Identify central themes
  6. Present final list


In total, we located 350 questions from 9 sources. The sources mainly consist of blog posts dealing with persona creation, and are listed in the bottom of this post.