Elements of a Persona Profile

Persona and Persona Profile

A persona is a humanized representation of a user segment, audience segment, or customer segment.

The persona is presented in a persona profile. A persona profile is the actual representation of the persona. So, a persona is a conceptualize. The person profile is the physical manifestation of that concept.

The persona profile contains various attributes, insights, and information about the persona. Each of these are an element of the persona profile.

Example of a Persona Profile

Here is an example of a data-driven persona profile created by APG, the automated persona generation system.

APG affords the ability to increase or reduce the number of personas in real time!
This is a persona profile generated by APG, which is a full stack persona analytics system.

What elements does a persona profile typically contain?

Persona Profile Elements

We analyzed all major persona profile templates that we could locate and identified the follow elements grouped into 3 major categories and 7 sub-categories.

Major Categories: Image, Descriptive, and User Story

Sub-Categories: Picture, Demographics, Other Basic Information, Psychographics Goals, Skills, Personal, Other Attributes

The specific components of each are listed below.

  • Image
    • Picture
  • Descriptive
    • Demographics
      • Name
      • Age
      • Location
      • Salary
      • Relationship Status
    • Other Basic Information
      • Quotes
      • Bio
      • Job Title
      • Education
      • Years of Experience
  • User Story
    • Psychographics Goals
      • Motivation
      • Influencers
      • Pain Points
      • Personal Values
      • Personality
      • Defining Traits
      • Archetype
    • Skills
      • Specific Skills
      • Areas of Expertise
      • Technology
    • Personal
      • Fav App/ Preferred Channels
      • Preferred Brands
      • Trusted Resources
    • Other Attributes Work Experience
      • Relationship with Company
      • Collaborators
      • Time Management
      • Current Tools
      • Event Attendance Attributes
      • Misc.

So, if you are looking for a template for designing a persona profile, these persona profile elements will provide a comprehensive persona representation for you!

What elements does a persona profile typically contain?
The elements of a persona profile.

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