Data-Driven Personas and Segmentation Research

In addition to developing persona analytics systems and features to create accurate and precise data-driven personas, the APG Team also conducts persona analytics research.

please visit our Persona Research from The APG Team page
Persona Research from The APG Team

Here some of the APG team’s research articles about data-driven personas and segmentation. Check ’em out!

Jansen, B. J., Salminen, J. O., & Jung, S. (2020). Making Meaningful User Segments from Datasets Using Product Dissemination and Product Impact. Data and Information Management. doi:

An, J., Kwak, H., Salminen, J., Jung, S.G., and Jansen, B. J. (2018) Customer segmentation using online platforms: isolating behavioral and demographic segments for persona creation via aggregated user data. Social Network Analysis and Mining. 8(1), 54.

For the complete persona research articles from the APG Team, please visit our Persona Research from The APG Team page.


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