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How suitable are artificially generated facial pictures in data-driven personas?

In a previous post, we analyzed the demographic Bias in Artificially Generated Facial Pictures that raised a concern that the generated images might not fairly represent all demographic groups.

In this post, we discuss if these artificially generated pictures are good enough for use in personas profiles for real-world systems and applications,  which are highly dependent on images for the personas. One of the key aspects of generating personas using a data-driven approach is to be able to represent the persona profile with a matching picture.

Personas Use of Personas Value of personas

Are personas actually useful?

I hear this question a lot. It’s kind of an annoying question, like asking:

  • “is analytics useful?”, or
  • “is marketing useful?”.

Or, most importantly: “Is customer understanding useful?”

Personas are just a tool. It’s their use that creates (or doesn’t create) the value, just like with analytics or marketing.

Personas Use of Personas

Usefulness of personas (a quick note)

Here’s a very brief note about the concept of ‘usefulness’ regarding personas.

Usefulness of personas is tied to the (a) use case for which the persona is applied, which can be partially inherited from (b) domain (industry: e.g., in e-commerce some different persona information is needed than in journalism) and (c) job role (strategic / operational).

Therefore, dimensions for ‘usefulness’ in personas:

  • use case
  • industry
  • job role

Should be considered when trying to understand / measure persona usefulness.

Jansen, B. J., Salminen, J., and Jung, S.G. (2020) Data-Driven Personas for Enhanced User Understanding: Combining Empathy with Rationality for Better Insights to AnalyticsData and Information Management. 4(1), 1-17.

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