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The Three Business Personas You Must Design User Personas For

Knowing and creating the relevant User Persona is very important for any business. To create an active online presence, you need to reach your target audience. To reach your target audience, creating user personas can be highly beneficial. To make sure your business strategies are actively creating an impact, you need to be sure that they are being pitched and aimed at the right audience. 

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How to Create Personas? Typical Methods for Creating Buyer Personas

What are personas?

If you’re trying to sell your product or services and you’re having difficulty in attracting your customers, then creating buyer personas can be useful.

A persona is simply an imaginary representation of your customers whom you want to reach out.

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How to Create Personas? A List of Common Interview Questions

Creating Personas from Data

At Qatar Computing Research Institute, our persona team has developed a system for automatic persona generation (APG). The demo of this persona system is available online, and we have also posted about the various benefits of data-driven personas.

As a part of our persona research, we are interested in the information needs of persona end users. This means that professionals working in different domains want to have specific information in persona profiles.  For example, journalists want to know what type of news topics the persona consumes, while online marketers want to know what products the personas is likely to buy.