Persona Analytics Research Journal Articles from the APG Team

In addition to developing persona analytics systems and features to create accurate and precise data-driven personas, the APG Team also conducts persona analytics research.

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Persona Research from The APG Team

Here are three of the APG team’s research journal articles (published late 2020 and early 2021) on persona research. Check ’em out!

Salminen, J., Kaate, I., Sayed Kamel, A., Jung, S.G., and Jansen, B. J. (2021) How Does Personification Impact Ad Performance and Empathy? An Experiment with Online AdvertisingInternational Journal of Human–Computer Interaction, 37:2, 141-155, DOI: 10.1080/10447318.2020.1809246

Jansen, B. J., Salminen, J. O., & Jung, S. (2020). Making Meaningful User Segments from Datasets Using Product Dissemination and Product Impact. Data and Information Management. doi:

Salminen, J., Jung, S.G., Kamel, A. M., Santos, J. M., Kwak, H., An, J., and Jansen, B. J. (2020) Using Artificially Generated Pictures in Customer-facing Systems: An Evaluation Study with Data-Driven PersonasBehaviour & Information Technology. DOI:10.1080/0144929X.2020.1838610

For the complete persona research articles from the APG Team, please visit our Persona Research from The APG Team page.


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