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Personas and Empathy Mapping for Understanding Customers and Users

The following is a post from the APG Team’s summer 2020 intern, Jaad Mohammed.

Personas are an effective way to target a specific customer base, since we have a better understanding of who that customer base is and what those customers want, need, or desire. In other words, personas provide a means to empathize with those customers.

Through personas, we give our imaginary customer who was previously just some number on a market research spreadsheet a name and a face.

So, now that you can see them as a real person, you empathize with how they might feel and react to a certain situation, and you can accordingly make developments for your product.

Figure 1: Empathy Mapping Structure used with Personas.
Figure 1: Empathy Mapping Structure used with Personas.

This is where empathy mapping comes into the picture, which we integrate with your personas.