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Behavioral Personas

The following is a post from the APG Team’s summer 2020 intern, Jaad Mohammed.

Behavioral Personas
Behavioral Personas

Behavioral personas take the basic personas one step further.

Personas are imaginary people representing the user, audience, or customers of a market segment based on real market research data. With personas, you get answers to questions such as: “Who is the customer?” “What do they want?” and “How can you give them what they want?”

Behavioral personas tell you what you know about an already well-defined target audience. Behavioral personas can give you insights into why the system is or isn’t working for this particular group of people.

Behavioral personas are cost-effective: as you already have the user data from user research.

For example, a usual persona would be “Mark, Male age 35-45 years old, Father of two, married, college graduate, own a house, is interested in: sports, cars, racing, … etc.”

Whereas a behavioral persona would look something like “Mark, a game tester who spends 60% of his time at the office on our – ‘your systems name here’ – to debug the issues regarding game performance, he mostly uses “features a, b and c” on the system … Mark has the influence to suggest new software’s for his company.”

How do you make Behavioral Personas?